Friday, July 8, 2016

Breaking God's 9th Commandments has consequences.


Witnesses Record Horror Of Dallas Attack

Michael Kevin Bautista streamed footage of the shootout with police.

  • Daniel Marans Reporter, Huffington Post

  • Citizens captured on camera some of the most horrific scenes from Thursday night’s ambush-style massacre of police in Dallas, Texas.

    The grim footage of the deadliest day for U.S. police since Sept. 11, 2001, attests to the ways social media and handheld cameras have revolutionized the way we experience major news events.

    Michael Kevin Bautista, a participant in the Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas on Thursday evening, streamed video of the shootout between the gunmen and city police officers on Facebook live.

    Bautista had been streaming videos of the march earlier in the evening, celebrating the strong turnout.

    He was nearby when shots broke out and resumed streaming. “Holy shit,” Bautista exclaimed repeatedly, facing the camera.

    Thomas Williams ·
    Police officers are my friend who I respect a lot but in the FBI Director James Comey case he wanted to get out from underneath and is no better at protecting the American people as President Barack Obama.

    Barack Obama is at least condemning all of this now. But as far as I can tell, the boat that he and his minions launched has already sailed.

    The horses are out of the barn over all of this and if I were a policeman today I would go shine shoes before I would listen to all of this racist insanity talk going on today.

    Would you put up with the ugly protest and violent behavior that you see the police putting up with now? I think that the police are to tolerant with these ugly racial accusations directed at them.

    If I were a policeman I would be totally livid.

    Because those policeman in Dallas had nothing at all to do with the shooting in Baton Rouge and Minnesota. And how does Barack Obama know that the black people who were shot in Baton Rouge or Minnesota, were shot because they were black?

    Maybe they were shot because of another reason.

    Nothing warrants assassinating men and women because they are wearing a policeman uniform.
    Robert Gillispie
    So did the murders of Alton Sterling and Philadno Castile. But don't worry, we the people will be doing an internal investigation to determine if any wrong doing was done by these citizens. We ask that the police remain calm while we conduct a thorough internal investigation and we the people can assure you if wrong doing is found, these citizens will be disciplined. But those citizens have been placed on paid administrative leave during this investigation
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    Siobhán Murphy Kiely ·

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    Amy Ross ·

    Make this a sharable post somewhere, please.
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    Julia A Nay ·

    They were all executions. Sandyhook, Orlando, San Bernardino, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, the church, the movie theater... the common threat is the gun. Get rid of the guns and it doesn't happen again.
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    Patricia Swift ·

    If it is not a gun it will be a bomb etc.
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    Beth Gaynor LaPat
    It is about accessibility Patricia Swift. Guns are too easy to get. Bombs take a lot more planning.
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    Curtis McLean ·

    How do u 'get rid of them'? Remember also they get smuggled in like drugs
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