Monday, July 18, 2016

Get over yourselves.

Black Lives Matters Protesters

Thomas Williams

The Black Lives hateful attitude or if you will their political ideology is creating this battlefield between Black Live Matter, and this country's police officers doing their duty.
And has been in fact inspiring this disgusting behavior to make it acceptable to assassinate white police officers, or any police men or woman in a police uniform who happen to be in the assassins’ gun sight.
A friend of mind told me. "Unbelievable! One of the police he shot was black??!! These people attacking the police don't believe in anything. They are just putting on a tragic Show, to give the media pundits BS to talk about, but ultimately these people do not believe in anything."
And that is about the real way that Black Live Matter protesters are behaving trying to use this social hustle to gain their own wealth and political power. From using the White people social guilt complex that has white people felling like they have a moral obligation to all of the Black American people living in America today.
When in reality there is nothing at all that anyone can do about what happen in humanities past history. No matter how nice we are to the people living now with the same skin color as the people in the past were then.

This is a very different time in human history in our own real times life style living today.
So I am not responsible for the sinful crimes of what other people did before I was born, and do not feel morally obligated to redress those social crimes back then with how I am living now, because that of course is impossible.
So my advice to all of the Black Lives Matters protesters is to get over your own skin colors complex, and fix your personal problems yourselves.

Because we all have personal problems and do not run around the streets making strangers look at them.

That is very rude and abusive of your own social duty to mind your manners, and keep using your common sense desecration in public. And shouting out own personal problems in public is not how I want to feel around other people, strangers or not.

So grow the hell up and get over your own personal problems without bothering us about it from now on. And get a hold of yourselves and live.

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