Monday, July 18, 2016

Liberals have trouble with the truth.

CNN’s Don Lemon Invites Sheriff Clarke to Discuss ‘Black Lives Matter’… INSTANTLY Regrets It

By Top Right News on July 18, 2016

Above: The moment Lemon realizes he made a big mistake

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

This was a long time coming, and it was glorious to behold.

After years of Don Lemon having Obama’s back, and on-air race-baiting, from the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Ferguson fraud to the “Black Lives Matter” cop-haters, Lemon invited Sheriff David Clarke to speak about the murders of 8 cops by Black radicals in Dallas and Baton Rouge.
It was a big mistake. Clarke made lemonade out of Lemon, live on national TV.

WATCH: Video -

BOOM! Way too much truth for liberal race-baiters to handle.
Cannot wait for Sheriff Clarke to speak at the RNC: Monday night in Prime Time.
Thomas Williams
One of the police he shot was black??!!
These people attacking the police don't believe in anything. They are just putting on a tragic Show, to give the media pundits BS to talk about, but ultimately these people do not believe in anything.
Nosmoke225 • 5 hours ago
It's obvious that Lemon wanted to control this conversation and keep the scripted agenda on track.Lemon lost control of this interview because he got called out by Clark who was using facts that lemon did not have control of.
Ferrari fan • 4 hours ago
"You have to say what I want you to say, otherwise you can't be on MY show!"
PSRuckman • 4 hours ago
Invites a "dialogue" then sits stunned when a question is asked and cries when there is disagreement. Impressive. As a journalist I do not condemn, but you must leave my set if you upset me!
NYCTim Sucks dicks • 4 hours ago
That's a great Sheriff, he schooled that black lives matter dude
Thomas Ross • 4 hours ago
Again we see CNN, not wanting to listen to a police officer that knows what he is talking about. They asked him what he though about the killing of police in Baton Rouge, and he told them. Just because it did not fit with the left wing liberal agenda of CNN. He was cut off.
snickers • 5 hours ago
No contest here. Sheriff Clarke made a fool of him. Hahaha!
kderose snickers • 5 hours ago
liberals have trouble with the truth.

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