Sunday, July 10, 2016

What are the protesters trying to do punch everyone in the face over the way they are feeling?

Dr. Martin Luther King has to be rolling over in his grave to see how far back, Traitor Obama and haters like Sharpton have gone to reverse any progress HE made while here! Deminstrations were peaceful, because he demanded it and showed us real LEADERSHIP, LEADERSHIP BY EXAMPLE!! By the way, i wonder if hateful, Sharpton has paid his 3 million in back taxes, i had to pay 395 dollars, oh yah, i got a letter saying i paid 395 short, but they never have gone after the 3 million!!! The law is different for government employees than for those of us who help pay their salaries!!
Rob DeSalvo
Rob DeSalvo: They need to go💣🔫
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Steve Garner Sr
Steve Garner Sr: He part of the problem, not part of the solution. He's a RACIST ASSHOLE. MAYBE WE NEED TO OFF HIS DUMBASS.
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: When you are really in love with life it is never a good time to die. So when I see a group of people deliberately gather Caucasian, Black, Latino, Oriental, and Muslim people to protest the unfairness of life. And going as far to keep stopping fast moving traffic on a main expressway in America. That only makes me realize just how foolish they are behaving.

So just what are they protesting against? Because however unfair the circumstance or happenstance of their life is, that is the only life they are living now. And if they truly want to go to heaven one day they better start using their time better than stopping the traffic from moving on this country's expressways.

Spilling their guts because of the way they were born, or over their inheritance good, or bad, is simply crazy.

So what?

We all have problems and are doing the best that we can with the lot that we are living. Do the protesters really think that the other people around them are going to hand over what they need to change what they are complaining about?

Please what in the hell kind of stupid behavior is that? What are the protesters trying to do punch everyone in the face over the way they are feeling?

And if they somehow could, what difference will that make?

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