Saturday, July 9, 2016

What goes around, comes around.

Clinton claims racist white people, particularly those with a badge, are preying on innocent black people. It's a plan Obama has been working on for years.
Robert Steven Nobile
Robert Steven Nobile: She looks like she is either drugged or having a mental breakdown.
Rick Childers
Rick Childers: Heaven help us if this cunt gets in office.
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Dianne Daviau
Dianne Daviau: Her and Obama want government takeover so vote for her you bunch asses
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Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: What did the Black Lives Matter protest expect? We are reaping the consequences of our foray into social lunacy. Somehow the ugly Black lives signs that were saying bad things about this country's police officers, were bad enough before. To only look very repulsive to me now.

And that Barack Obama organized Black Lives Matter again this country's police, and you and me, are about to have a very hard time getting along with me for real.

Black Lives Matter protesters kept telling us that they are very educated about the mean streets in America. So how could they not know. "What goes around comes around."

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