Monday, July 4, 2016

Yeah! Just like O.J. Simpson was also innocent.

While credit goes to Thursday’s CBS This Morning for leading the broadcast with the controversy swirling around Bill Clinton having a 30-minute private meeting…
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: Yeah! Just like O.J. Simpson was also innocent of stabbing a white man and woman to death, right you racist CBS pig.
DL Poor
DL Poor: You may say it is innocent but it was probably against DOJ regulations since there is an investigation against the Clinton Foundation and donations from foreign governments. Oh yeah that would be Bill, Hillary and Chelsea's foundation. Loretta Lynch should be removed because of her stupidity
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Kathy Deal-Ruozzo
Kathy Deal-Ruozzo: Of course CBS is going to dismiss Clinton and the Lynch meeting after all the Clintons have never ever done anything wrong in their eyes, What Fools they are.
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