Wednesday, August 24, 2016

And if this LSU Fighting Tigers college football team win the SEC West, I will be shocked.

Under fire. Chill. Struggling. Winner. What's next for the indescribable Les Miles?

Les Miles: 'It's wonderful to be a part of this community'

By Ron Higgins, | The Times-Picayune
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on August 24, 2016

Say it out loud and it makes little sense.

LSU is ranked No. 5 in the Associated Press preseason poll, so how many wins this season will it take for Tigers' coach Les Miles to save his job?

Look at it on paper and it's confusing.

Miles' teams have been ranked 95 percent of the time in his previous 11 LSU seasons, so if the Tigers finish the regular season 9-3 or 8-4 while snapping their five-game losing streak to Alabama, does LSU athletic director Joe Alleva shop for a new coach?

Listen to the outpouring of off-season love for Miles' community work during a tragedy-filled summer in Baton Rouge, so should he be fired if his conservative offense doesn't show any hints of creativity?

Ask Miles if almost being fired last November has made him view his job in a different light, and it's clear how he approaches a season with one of his most talented teams ever.

"I am not changed, nor was I changed by that event," Miles said at SEC Media Days in July. "I am attached to my team. I'm gonna coach 'em, I'm gonna coach 'em. That's not going to ever change until it's time."

Thomas Williams:
Going to see LSU play football in LSU Tiger Stadium for the glamour and entertainment sake, is one thing. Going to see the LSU fighting tiger football team win the college football game, is of course something else.

A lot of the LSU college football fans already know that what you hear and see about Les Miles, is what you get from Les Miles.

So comparing Les Miles coaching ability to the other successful college football coaches’ talents is out there if you bother to research that.

I personally think that Les Miles can't really coach his way to the next first down if his life depended on it. So if this LSU 2016 tiger football team repeats the same won lost record of 2015, it will not surprise me at all.

And if this LSU football team wins the SEC West/SEC Championship, and goes on into the college playoff this year, I will be very shocker.
S.L. Clemens

S.L. Clemens:
If Miles gets fired after a a season with 9 wins this year, it will completely demonstrate the lunacy of Division I college football.

Let me ask people this, what are you willing to sacrifice for 11 wins?  For 12?  13, 14, or the "Holy Grail", 15 wins and a championship?  Are you willing to sacrifice a good man that seemingly cares about his players and his players care about?  Would you trade that for a guy like Saban, who's mercenary approach to his "process" is emotionless and joyless?  Or a guy like Harbaugh who seems to border on the psychotic in his approach?

No, we don't need or want that kind of Coach.  Coach Miles has had the LSU Tigers in the conversation every year.  He's won a title and been in another title game that by all accounts his opponent should not have been in.

He's averaged 10 wins a year and would have had another 10 win season last year if the first game had not been cancelled.

Coach Miles may not be the ultimate x's and o's guy but he can coach and he can recruit...with the best of them.

I, for one, hope he goes nowhere and stays at LSU as long as continues in the manner that he has.


Ya see Miles I told you he was on the chopping block. No telling who these kids will get next year! 
S.L. Clemens

S.L. Clemens:
@anotherlsuexcuse That's such a load of garbage!  The same dynamics are in play this year as last.  The only reason Les Miles was even in jeopardy at all was the gross incompetence of Alleva.  Alleva's failure to recognize the economic conditions within the state and the ridiculously bad optics of a coaching change that would have cost 30 million is tantamount to malfeasance.

And, before you scream that the boosters would have raised the money for the change and it wouldn't have come from the taxpayer, it makes no difference.  That 30 mil. would have been spent in a time in which our state is 600 million in the red.  No, there was never any chance of that happening.  And, there is no chance of that happening this year unless Miles goes 3-9, which by the way, ain't gonna happen...

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