Thursday, August 4, 2016

Does the media influence you too just like 54% of all the women living in America today are?

Thomas Williams

Are you afraid of the American News media critiquing you on television today? And do you run and hide whenever a News Reporter wants an interview from you.

Can you simply be yourself talking to the TV Networks News Reporters without playing along with how the liberal reporter want you to? Saying the popular talking points that you heard said in real time by the media spreading what they want to talk about around the country by the Newspapers, Hollywood, and Television.

Do you like repeating what the Hollywood stars say publicly about Donald Trump? And are you following the media narrative about what to say in public, like not calling Hillary Clinton the devil? Or sounding politically correct so of course you will be welcomed into the Washington DC establishment Country Club. Then you can talk and act in public like you want. So are you like the people who really want to be like the DC Country Club too.

Because you will not be alone doing so apparently 54% of all the women living in American today doing just that, whether you like it or not.
And that is a very discouraging and disgusting thing to keep reading about the media polling statistic of how the women living in America feel in the same way that the today liberal media want them to. And how they are soft headed and guilty over the sins of the past.

That’s another reason why our county is going down. Hence no one wants to do what really needs to be done to effectively stop all this madness enveloping us.

It would “look” too bad on TV.

Well if DT isn’t able to impose some discipline upon himself, and work within the environment he’s in, Clinton will win in November. Because of course it is a mistake to try and fight everyone when you just need to beat one more person instead. And really start helping the American people fight against all of the rest.

And the American people should really be tired of spending all of their time in the Sideshow when the real Circus is only a couple of more blocks away.


‘Oh Good God’: Megyn Kelly Flips Out Over Trump Relitigating So Many Controversies

by | 10:06 pm, August 3rd, 2016
video 870

Megyn Kelly really went off tonight after running a montage of all the past controversies he’s gotten himself into––including the one involving her––and giving the media more ammo with which to attack him.

She cried, “What is he doing relitigating every controversy from the primary season?!” Ben Domenech said the idea of the Trump campaign being in turmoil isn’t news because it’s kind of a constant.

Kelly also pointed out that, despite Trump bragging about it, ramps for the disabled are mandatory. Trump supporter David Wohl pointed out how expensive they are. Kelly literally buried her head in her hands and deadpanned, “Oh, good God.”

She said she understands that the media is biased against Trump, but, Kelly cried, “Must he help them?! Must he help them so generously every day?!”


Wohl insisted that whatever Trump says is insignificant compared to Hillary Clinton‘s whoppers.
Watch above, via Fox News

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