Saturday, September 3, 2016

Just look at what almost happened to me too.

Thomas Williams

I keep a handmade wooden cross made by my grandson for me, out of a tree branches, and string. On the wall over my bed as a spiritual helper to me when I want to talk in spirit with God.

So as the weather in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf went from a tropical disturbance, to something called 99L. Moving into the Gulf of Mexico, through the Florida straits - between Cuba and South Florida. I started keeping my eyes on what that change in the weather might do, and if this weather would affect me in the wrong way.

Yes! 99L turned into Tropical storm 9, which turned into Hurricane Hermine that strengthened into a substain 80 mile an hour storm, with gust up to a 100 miles an hour. Heavy 6-12 inches rain fall, and a storm surge above 6 feet at the coast line of St Mark Florida.

I live 200 miles due north of that spot on the map in the United States, and now I began talking to my cross above my room for some help from God. To make this hurricane called Hermine to simply slide East and North of the Storm Path inland towards where I live.

The right hand side of Hermine was powerful enough to topple trees, power lines, and keep flooding the Streets and Homes where we were living.

As this storm moved closer and closer my prayers become more sincere in asking our God to please slide Hurricane Hermine east, and that would place my Home on the North West spot of this storm, as Hermine passed by.

Praise God! That is exactly what happened to me as Hermine wind force keep damaging all of the Homes and Building to the South-East of my Home. I really do not understand luck, and that remains a source of total blindness to my mind eye. But I do seem to believe after getting lucky like this that God seems to keep giving me a break when I pray to him to please spear me from the very harsh suffering that I see other people enduring. And that I can't explain why, "but for the grace of God go I."

Just look at what almost happened to me too.
Hurricane Hermine slammed into Florida leaving nearly 200,000 people across four states without power as it continues to cause chaos on its way into Georgia and the Carolinas.

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