Friday, September 2, 2016

This Hollowed Ground on the River banks of the Mississippi River, Baton Rouge Louisiana.

(What’s so important about LSU football?)

Tigers football season begins Saturday after a wrenching summer in Baton Rouge.

Les Miles was looking through some old photographs recently, and he came across one of his oldest daughter. Smacker, as everyone calls her, was 5 then. Now she’s a senior at the University of Texas.

Anyway, it made the Louisiana State football coach think about the past and about priorities. It was just one picture, but what if its story had been erased? What if, like in the 40,000 homes of Miles’s neighbors here, including a member of his coaching staff, floodwaters came under his door and through the windows; when they receded, that photo would be ruined.

“I would never be able to replace that,” Miles said this week, standing in an office across the street from Tiger Stadium. “I have that. It’s mine and it’s dry.”


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