Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Regarding Donald trump and Hillary Clinton debate

Thomas Williams

President Barack Obama pointed out that Hillary Clinton is one of the smartest people in the world and the most qualified to be the president of the United States. Not so, said the article I read in the Wall Street Journal, who pointed out, "If Hillary Clinton is so smart, why does she need the debate moderator to keep setting up the ball for her so she can look good on TV." Right from the start, the news media is having a coordinated like-mindedness to broadcast Donald Trump's negativity. Not Donald Trump's attributes, who can change what need to be changed, who is a total outsider, who is not a politician.

The Washington DC country club members rigged the political game in the U.S Government, so the American people could not change what needs to be changed, even if we wanted too. That is the real scandal that I fear the worse over, that enough of my own countrymen who are entrusted to run my government and media, are now stopping me from voting for someone they don't like. The media's arrogance is blinding them so badly, they don't see how badly they are skewing the government on this so called land that we call free.

In plain English, that debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is pure bullshit, the media's bold talk that they keep broadcasting to keep controlling you and me is ridiculous; and I'm sick of it, we all are. Donald trump is not a debtor, but a business man who can change what really needs to be changed. Hillary Clinton, of course, is thoroughly corrupted by 100 years of the U.S government's political corruption. The media demands that we play along now and vote for Hillary Clinton. That political reality is what really bothers me most of all.

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