Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The true story of the day: You just never know

I was thinking about a little bit of Heaven, the kind of memories you have when you growing up. We had a small house Lakeshore Mississippi close to the beach, Gulf of Mexico. But really, the Mississippi River Sound, that was the coastal part of the Gulf of Mexico between Louisiana and Mississippi.

My mother wanted us to go crabbing early to beat the Heat of the long hot summer that came so harshly in the evening time in that part of the world.

This particular morning is cool clear and very refreshing, we picked out our favorite spot along the Seawall next to 10 feet of water along the coastline.

You could easily put up crab nets spaced apart to Harvest the crabs after we let them set with the bait that attracts the crabs to get inside the crab nets.

The water was like glass and not a ripple, I ran my hand through the water telling my mother to look how smooth the water is Mother. When suddenly a fish rose out the water rolling at the surface, and I thought it would never stop - it was so huge.

Then we saw the big shark fin come around and out of the water. Shocking us into silence unbelievable where did this monster come from hiding beneath this calm surface without showing his big fin.

We were so shocked and traumatized that my mother told us to quickly pick up the Nets and we walked back to our house just dumbfounded and only occasionally telling each other did you see that?

My mother said, "she's never seen that before and how she was shocked, that must have been a great white just from the size of it."

This memory taught me you never know, you just never know.

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