Friday, September 16, 2016

The American media is finished.

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This woman has no shame !!!!
Hillary starts the Birther !

Hillary Clinton demands that Donald Trump apologize to Barack Obama and the American people

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Jenny Clymer Really. Is this what came to her while she was "resting". She is PATHETIC!!
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Donald Rouse
MaryAnn Schorfhaar
MaryAnn Schorfhaar And no person with integrity believes Clinton is honest!
Jenny Clymer
Jenny Clymer you first, Hillary. Let's hear YOUR apology FIRST!!
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams I think that this American journalism is finished with all of these media platitudes about Race 24-7 because I am so tired of that.

I suspect that the rest of the United States population is also very sick and tired of that kind of media racism talk too.

I am amazed that the media is bringing up this amount of volume broadcasting about Donald Trump saying that Barack Obama was born in America.

Does the media really think that the American people are going to take what this TV media keeps saying about Donald Trump being a racist because of all these platitudes?

Look at how much time the media is spending on analysing how racist Donald Trump is. When of course Donald Trump is not racist at all.
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Juan E. Correa
Juan E. Correa Lair you started it issue
Maria Elena Fernandez
Maria Elena Fernandez Me NEITHER!!!!!!!!!! DID YOU ?
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Jenn Cox
Jenn Cox Oh the lies this woman spreads.
Lisa Thiessen
Lisa Thiessen Obama may say he an American but he don't act like it !
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S Sunny DeoPaul
S Sunny DeoPaul Go back under your rock.....:(
Ron Kreckman
Ron Kreckman Hillary Clinton can kiss my deplorable ass.
Darlene Ellingsgard-Borrero
Darlene Ellingsgard-Borrero I DON'T SEE OBUMA AS AN AMERICAN
Shelly Crabtree
Shelly Crabtree Hag is desperate. Blacks are falling for her lies.
Harry Sianis
Harry Sianis If there is any apology Hillary needs to apologize to the Benghazi mothers for lying it was a video.
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