Thursday, September 29, 2016

True story of the day: While I was running my folding carton machine

Our company's truck driver stopped by and said,
"Tinker, did you hear the one about the lone ranger and lil' Ricky?"
Tinker said, "I hope it's a quick one because I'm in the middle of a short run."
The truck driver said, "lil' Ricky was in the middle of his 6th-grade sex education class, the teacher told the class, "I want you to go home and look at the television, and write down all the sex subject on the television you see and hear."

So the next day all the kids came back to sex education class, and the teacher asked all the students, "alright kids, what did you see that was so sexy on television last night?" The little kid's raised their hands hoping the teacher would choose them. The teacher said, "Alright Jane, what did you see?" Jane said, "I saw a lot of sex teacher, I was looking at this hospital's doctor program, and there was a lot of women walking around with big stomachs from having sex. They also showed us how there was a nurse having an affair with the doctor who was married, and that doctors wife was also having an affair with another man. So that was a lot of sex in that show."

So then the teacher called on Lil' Ricky. Lil' Ricky said, "Well teacher, I saw the lone ranger riding  down the dusty road on his horse called silver, and there was Indians to the left and Indians to the right who started attacking him. So the lone ranger pulled out his rifle and killed all the Indians, put his rifle
back in his holster, and kept riding." Then Lil Ricky sat back down in his class desk. The teacher then told Lil' Ricky and the class, "There was no sex in that story Lil' Ricky , there was no sex at all." Lil' Ricky quickly stood up and shouted to the class and teacher, "The hell there wasn't, he showed the Indians you don't f*ck with the lone ranger!"

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