Thursday, September 29, 2016

Our country's media was once worth somthing to us, not anymore after this election.

The American system is corrupt and rotten. The Washington DC establishment has become its own aristocracy, it's as simple as that. The DC establishment has never believed what you and I believed in.

Every election cycle the DC establishment only conjures the illusion that it connects with the people they govern. Of corse Donald Trump has upset their comfortable country club. They went to sleep on Trumps candidacy only to wake up when he was too far ahead. Now, the only way the establishment can divert the threat is to convince the U.S voters that he's a madman and a bigot. The establishment has marshaled their minions and the media to do just that. Yes, America, you said most clearly; The American people are on their own.

The media used Howard Stern to say Trump was not against the Iraq invasion. I now find it very interesting that I have not once heard or read what he thinks about the possible President Trump.

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