Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why are this country's leaders allowing this to keep happening?

Thomas Williams

Obama will not get in front of all this perverted behavior over the fact that our country's police department has bad cops here and there. The Black American people had a Black President for the last 8 years. So you can't tell me that White America was not trying to balance out the lives of the Black American people living in America.

Most of these social protesters that turn into nothing but agitators rioting, trying to cause fear in an otherwise peaceful community. That this community will not start believing that white is black, and black is white, no matter how much the social perversion is broadcasted by this country's media.

Right and wrong are different.

So these social protesters have no clue what is going on outside of America. Because if you try and start a violent riot in the streets in the other parts of this world, they would be shot to death.

So what is going to be the outcome of what going on now here in America by the people who keep enabling this kind of mean protest, that always turns violent on purpose.

There is no justification for this attempt by this bunch of social moralist trying to tear this country down, and they are going to lecture me about Donald Trump, trying to make Donald Trump seem inhuman.

Why is this country's leader allowing this to keep happening? Because this is now about black racism, and not black oppression. With a President who enabling black racism to keep spreading falsehood about police brutally, that really doesn't happen over all, like Obama keeps saying.


 N.C. Gov. declares state of emergency following violent Charlotte protests

CHARLOTTE — One person was shot Wednesday night and four officers were injured as a second round of protests gripped this North Carolina city in the wake of a police-involved shooting of a black man.

The City of Charlotte initially tweeted the person had died, but later corrected that the person was on life support.
Tonya Maxwell and Melanie Eversley, USA TODAY Network

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