Thursday, October 27, 2016

Are you kidding us?

Pat Buchanan
Thomas Williams

All of the American people has seen enough of this Washington DC way of running the American people US Government exclusively for pay for play if you know the right people.

That we are totally disgusted with this country's media and not telling the people viewing what they say the truth about the important substance of our economy and politics that truly makes the world go around. And only go on to play the peoples patient attention for chumps.

I was reading what Pat Buchanan said about the "Never Trump Be GOP Nominees, Bush Republicanism is Dead" - Breitbart.

Yes! What Pat Buchanan said is absolutely true (the Bushes) were a catastrophe running this country White House by leaving the Obama Presidency a total mess. But Barack Obama had a golden opportunity to bring the American people togeather to only squander that away on the damn old political race baiting merchants who have made that social race song a means of political power and wealth for them the door barkers.

Barack Obama showed no personal courage whatsoever. What a bunch of jerks these people turned out to be hurting our beloved country, and countrymen. So no wonder the American people want to vote for Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. Are you kidding us?
Milo Yiannopoulos
Wikileaks: Reporters who met in secret and coordinated with Hillary's campaign.

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