Thursday, October 27, 2016

Our American media daily propaganda just keeps go on unimpeded.

Thomas Williams

I truly thought by now that the American people have succumbed to the American media daily propaganda. If the minority vote goes over to Donald Trump anyway in spite of what the media wants - Donald Trump will be elected.

The American black community has been with the Democrats ever since FDR and has been hustled for their votes ever since. So the Black American people have been steady flattered by the wise guys running the Democratic party to keep them voting in favor of the Democratic candidates.

Nothing much has changed for the Black American population in America because of the Democratic efforts to keep buying them off with Government social welfare programs without fixing the black American people very real inner city social-economical problems.

Free stuff doesn't get people out of poverty no only hard common sense work get people out of the very bad circumstances that hold people back like glue. Because of wasting time living on free stuff instead of working to get them completely independent.

People would need to be completely blind to not acknowledge that and if the black community gives Donald Trump a chance to do better the media will lose their propaganda control. It doesn't matter if you are black or white, man or woman, what really matter is if you can do the job.

This country's media are very ugly people to keep trying to cause hard feeling between the races and gender, just for their own self-serving social reasons. And who are the real people who talk very racist to me?

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