Sunday, October 2, 2016

Heaven, LSU Tiger Stadium Heaven, cheering for an LSU 42 - Missouri 7 victory, all because of better management by Ed Orgeron the LSU Coaching staff and players alike.

LSU Tiger Stadium

Thomas Williams

LSU Tiger Stadium was rocking with the excitement of the LSU football fans and Sports New Media who were wondering about just what kind of change Coach Ed Orgeron would make to this 2016 LSU football team. After a couple of very heartbreaking loss after three college football games to date.

Losing to Wisconsin and Auburn and a victory over Jacksonville.

Wow! Are you kidding me we thought that this was a completely new college football team that we the people have never seen before?

 No! This LSU team was moving and working methodically down the Tiger Stadium football field first down, after first down. Efficiently scoring and stopping Missouri from doing the same.

For a wonderful Saturday Night delight in LSU Tiger Stadium once again.

LSU 42 Missouri 7 all because of better management by Ed Orgeron the LSU Coaching staff and players alike.  

Dandy Don's LSU Sporting News.

What you say, guys! Not only did Coach O bring the O, he brought a level of excitement and freshness to the game that had been missing for too long. I know it was only one contest, but if it was any indication of what’s to come, this could turn out to be a very fun season. And hats off to offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger for calling a great game. Heck, the whole staff deserves props, and it feels good to write those words. I’ve said before that I’m a big fan of Les Miles and I appreciate the outstanding job he did in his 11 years as LSU’s coach, but last night’s game was further evidence to me that a fresh perspective was indeed needed.

Below is the complete boxscore from last night’s game, and here are LSU’s video highlights and a transcript of Coach O’s postgame comments.

As I do most weeks, I’ll leave you with a couple of good  reads, and this time, I’ll throw in a couple of nice videos on Les Miles that aired yesterday.
ESPN VIDEO: Les Miles talks about his firing from LSU
ESPN VIDEO: Les Miles' legacy at LSU
The Advocate: Rabalais: Make Tigers football fun again? LSU's Ed Orgeron does just that in debut win LSU offensive tweaks result in record night


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