Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton calls Americans systemic racist.

Thomass Williams

You are in fact racist because you are white, therefore part of the white process of racism towards black people as a systemic process.

Hillary Clinton is saying exactly this. 

How do you like that? You are a racist ladies and gentleman because you are white.
Yes, you know and I know that the Democrats have simply used the black community for votes and that it.

Otherwise, their lives have remained pretty much the same. 

But you'll never get the elitist nor the media to ponder the reality that liberal politics and giveaways have failed black people over the generations. So, now they are saying that white racism towards black people is simply systemic.

And they'll probably get away with this reasoning for another generation if the American people keep electing people who espouse this. 

I'm reading Fox News where this entire Machado thing was cooked up beforehand by the Democrats. She's, in fact, has been working for the Dems all this while. And the story that came out was embargoed until after the debate.


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