Thursday, October 20, 2016

Whatever happens, after November 8th Donald Trump exposed these dirty double-crossing rats to us, and now we know who they really are.

Thomas Williams

We never had much of a chance to break through the Washington DC establishment fail-safe system of returning all of the elected incumbents running our country's three branches of Government.

So I don't know what the loud noise about whether or not Trump said "I'll get back to you about this Presidential election being honest" to the media who already knows about how Donald Trump was telling everyone that the game in Washington DC is fixed and that our elected officials have made this country's US Government nothing more than a rip-off baby.

That the media still wants to keep up the illusion to the American people that our American system of running our country's Government is virtuous, and is not fixed is preposterous to us.

We all know that Hillary Clinton should be in jail for the amount of US Government laws that she has broken,

So for the media to keep tilting the television broadcast in Hillary Clinton favor to us is also very telling to me. And how the people working for the fourth estate the media are very much working member of the Washington DC Country Club running America in a corrupted way.

Donald Trump chances to win this slanted and fixed Presidental race was always a very uphill walk against the ugly and nasty American aristocrats. So in that sense, I am not surprised at the way this country's media is attacking Donald Trump with every negative story they can come up with. 

'ADDRESS THAT’ — Chris Wallace GRILLS Hillary On Clinton Foundation Corruption [VIDEO]

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During Wednesday night’s presidential debate, Chris Wallace held Hillary Clinton’s feet to the fire over allegations that the Clinton Foundation engaged in “pay-for-play” behavior when she served as secretary of state.
“There have been a lot of developments over the last ten days since the last debate,” Wallace posed. “I’d like to ask you about them. These are questions that the American people have, Secretary Clinton, during your 2009 Senate confirmation hearing, you promised to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest with your dealing with the Clinton Foundation while you were Secretary of State.”

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