Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hail to the Chief


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Thomas Williams Thank you, my countrymen, for voting to make a healthy change in the way Washington DC has been running. Together we can lead each other to a better place in time where we can at least treat each other more honestly with a gratitude and appreciation that we were not doing before, with all of that phony political correct bull-talk corruptly shading everything this US Government did. 

So now we can start helping Donald Trump and our US Government to create a country with more Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.
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John Alvarez This year Thanksgiving means everything to me thanks to Donald Trump who gives me all the reason in the world to be grateful and thankful for a real America that I will always relish so long as Donald Trump is in charge. God Bless the Trump Family 
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James Winston Same to you Boss, hopefully by next Thanksgiving, Hillary will be celebrating with the other inmates! I envision her on the yard trading single cigarettes for an extra dinner roll!
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