Thursday, November 24, 2016

The President Barack Obama's peanut gallery.

While Obama was giving our participation medals Trump was calling a dead policeman's family offering sympathy and support.
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Ty Lee McCutchen
Ty Lee McCutchen Three liberal slimeballs.
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Don Lankford
Don Lankford Shows you what kinda person our president is compared to Trump
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Cydni Mills Patton
Cydni Mills Patton Notice that most of these people who received them were libtards talking shit about our new President Donald J. TRUMP. I can't wait for him to be gone, such an embarrassment to our country, such pathetic pandering to the libtard left. It's so obvious. I mean just look at who he chose! Ugh
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Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams The peanut gallery who thinks that they are always one step ahead of you and me. When in really, of course, they are only snobs that are not worthy of this great country population attention.
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