Friday, November 4, 2016

Is this an incoherent sentence? That Hillary Clinton is a crook.


I don't think so because I seem to think that learning about how Bill and Hillary Clinton created a Clinton Foundation. That they said was to help the poor Haitian people living in Haiti recover from a horrible earthquake.

But in fact began using the Clinton Foundation for their own wealth making the two look like political grifters that began taking advantage of the generosity of the American people. Who wanting to help the poor people in Haiti survive a very real life harsh circumstance.

Instead, Bill and Hillary sold her Federal office as Secretary of the United States for access to the big money donors who payed Bill and Hillary Clinton big bucks for political favors.

Then creating her own computer smartphone server to hide from the American people this Bill and Hillary criminal enterprise, called the Clinton Foundation. And putting the Classified information of the United States in jeopardy of getting hacked by other countries. That could cost the lives of the military operations in secret that the public should not be seeing.

Knowing all of this I couldn't every vote for the gangster-like Bill and Hillary Clinton ever.

Hillary Clinton

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