Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Let's stop reading what the perverted media says.

I like the freedom to fly, don't you.

The behavior of this country's liberal media and politicals leaders like President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and others is the craziness of the left wing thoughts that were actually put into the real lives of everyday American people who were not even thinking about such things and actions.

After all how many American people are criminal minded and envious of the primitive minds of people who long to be in the Washington DC Country Club membership, for more and more political power and wealth at the expense of their own countrymen?

Who in their right mind wants to be like the people who have sold their own soul to the TV Networks spreading the sensational news that keeps upsetting all the normal people daily lives?

Now we just keep reading about all of that perverted social feeling of the political left for as long as the media keeps writing about this bull talk. Maybe the only way to really stop the media madness is to stop listening to what the media is saying all togeather ourselves.

After all, all of what is so influential in our life today will not be even remember 5000 years from now. That the population on planet earth will have ironed out all of this 2016 television social aggravation that we are now paying so much attention to. And the lifestyle in 7016 will be far removed from what the TV Network wise guys think is entertaining now.

Before TV we had radios, and before radios, we read books.

What we were and are now is not what we want to be if you are normal. Aggravation, pain, and suffering are not healthy if you want to keep feeling normal. So maybe 5000 years from now, what we think is important now will not be that way for them at all, and the people living in 7016 will not do the things to each other that we are doing now. That only keeps aggravating the people around them so inhumanely, and without mercy.


"Now that the British have voted to secede from the European Union and America has chosen a president who has never before held public office, the French appear to be following suit.
In Sunday’s runoff to choose a candidate to face Marine Le Pen of the National Front in next spring’s presidential election, the center-right Republicans chose Francois Fillon in a landslide.
While Fillon sees Margaret Thatcher as a role model in fiscal policy, he is a socially conservative Catholic who supports family values, wants to confront Islamist extremism, control immigration, restore France’s historic identity and end sanctions on Russia.
“Russia poses no threat to the West,” says Fillon. But if not, the question arises, why NATO? Why are U.S. troops in Europe?
As Le Pen is favored to win the first round of the presidential election and Fillon the second in May, closer Paris-Putin ties seem certain. Europeans themselves are pulling Russia back into Europe, and separating from the Americans."

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