Tuesday, November 29, 2016

To late for tears Ole Miss.

No fan envisioned a 5-7 year from Ole Miss Football.
And the school's athletic director gave a lengthy statement on how he'll fix it going forward:
Ole Miss Athletic Director Ross Bjork called the Rebels' season a disappointment. But Bjork offered a solution to how the program will bounce…
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams To late for tear Ole Miss, you were wrong about how you were running the Old Miss football program with people who did not do the job, so change it instead of talking about what you just said.
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Brian Bertrand
Brian Bertrand Q: How do you spell delusion? A: Ole Miss Football (last won the SEC outright in 1964).
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Ron Junco
Ron Junco Beating Bama and Saban will get you a couple extra years on your contract but you can't live on that forever
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