Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sore losers turning into very ugly people.

Thomas Williams

This is getting very tiresome listening to the crying and whining of the people who supported the liberal Democracy Party and Hillary Clinton, losing to President-Elect Donald Trump.

That a lot of CEOs running companies like GE and Pepsi Cola against the election of Donald Trump are still using their influence calling Donald Trump racist, bigot, or worse.

Now a few of the self same Celeberity and COs are denying what they said and meant.

Like in this CNN broadcast in this column is saying.

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Bette Hartsell Costello NO MORE PEPSI 1
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Gina Calogero well i dont drink that crap anyway but also i see snopes says its false..well snopes is run by democRats so I dont believe half of their postings either
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Ricknsusan Garr I do NOT by this for a second ! NO PEPSIE products for all of us, and No restaurants that sell it. They also own many other business's that we will not be going to.
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Thomas Williams Coca-Cola is what I like now. No more Pepsi for me either because why would I drink the product of a dirty rotten bigoted Pepsi Cola selling.
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Connie Jones Fernandez Never drank Pepsi 😏
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Dennis Norris water coffee alcohol is all I'll drink
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