Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What are they protesting? Donald Trump won the election and American Democracy is in full view.

Thomas Williams

No. These people didn't get what they wanted and they are so far gone they cannot process any type of setback; what's really scary is that these are some of the people who might assume power one day.

The USA must get its borders secured because this is vital to the country economic sovereignty.

The protests against Donald Trump on college campuses reflect just how deep the liberal politic penetrated. These liberal social fanatics nearly pulled it off.

Apparently, these liberal fanatic that has gripped our country the last 20 years are experiencing an erosion of their political power And they are now hysterical and even crying in public over the change.

Where is their dignity?

Obama in Europe urges 'course correction' on globalisation

Jerome CARTILLIER with John HADOULIS in Athens

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