Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Talking about gossip.

Thomas Williams

I am still trying to read about the daily information that might interest us from time to time but I still see the same old people saying the same old sensational things like Kelly trashing her own TV Network Fox News.

How Megyn Kelly is running around the other TV Networks peddling her Book. Telling the general public all about the sexual advances of Roger Ailes, and the bullying of Donald Trump behind the scenes.

So as I try not to pay attention to what Megyn Kelly is saying she and the other crazy talking celebrity's in the media seems to be doing the very same thing all the time. So it feels like the people who are listening to the gossip is as bad as the people telling it.

Take a look:

I say boycott. Now!
And who the hell brings their 5 year old to a presidential debate knowing some of the topics that would probably be discussed. Shame on her!

Megyn Kelly’s daughter Yardley may only be 5 years old, but she already has some very strong feelings about Donald Trump! In fact, Megyn revealed in a recent…

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Natalie Long As a mother Magyn Fox better do some parenting. Teach her dauighter the truth. This is just more slander.
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Laurie Garbin I don't like her, she's the queen of bitches.
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Alan MacPhee Pam Pearce, fuck Good Morning America and fuck Megan Kelly.... stop giving them attention. Trump won, enjoy it.
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Phillippe Marilous Love If s he looks into a mirror..she will see a bimbo.
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Thomas Williams A bimbo is a Megyn Kelly who is still trying to gain the most attention around other people.
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Dan Toohey hey megyn.. here's an exclusive
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Ross Hunt Good bye Fox hello weather channel.
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Thomas Williams Dear Children: A bimbo is a Megyn Kelly who is still trying to gain the most attention around other people.
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