Friday, November 18, 2016

The world Globalist are losing to you and me..

Thomas Williams

We are now living in the last backroom political throes of the world globalist who were pushing their elitist Country Club liberal borderless idea on an unsuspecting population. Who have since wised up and are now punching back.

I was reading in the Daily that "Britain could be forced to write cheques to Brussels until 2013 despite the EU, the German finance minister has warned." 

Wow! Can you believe the arrogance of the European people who have been investing their time and energy trying to make a borderless Europe? Disregarding the English Magna Carta, German Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany, or the French Key points In the French Revolution.

A bunch of self-appointed Aristocrats thinking that they are alway one step ahead of everyone else. And in my mind nothing but gangster stealing everything that is not theirs.

Hurting our countrymen health wealth and honor being Englishmen, Frenchman, and Germans. Running around calling the population of America, Russia, Germany, France, and Englishmen Nationals in a very ugly way. Informing the rest of our world that the people feeling patriotic over their country are really racist, bigots, and worse.

I for one am ready to kick this globalist Country Club ass all over the world when and where I find them, how about you?

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